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(Läbi müüdud)
Kärt Summatavet

320 pages, hard cover
This book is most of all a small piece of Estonian recent history, where the life and fate of one person have been shaped by both her local cultural heritage as well as the climatic and tragic historical events of the 20th century. This collection includes more than 1300 photographs and sketches and numerous excerpts of private correspondence with the author that make for an interesting read for researchers, students, enthusiasts of handcraft, history and culture as well as a wider circle of readers.
Kärt Summatavet, PhD, is a jeweller and graphic artist. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and her work has been recognised with several international innovation awards. She has taught students at the Estonian Academy of Arts for twenty years and supervised many internationally successful creativity and product development projects. Since 2008, she has worked as senior researcher at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. Her research areas involve traditional technologies, product development and creative industries. Ingrid Rüütel:
“Kärt Summatavet has produced an in-depth study of Roosi’s life history and how she became a distinguished handicraft master, her hobby of collecting and introducing Kihnu handicraft to the general public. Special focus is on Roosi’s emotional relationship to her handicraft and the author, as an artist, takes a great interest in getting to know Roosi’s ideas and life experience through descriptions of the handicraft culture of Kihnu. She also describes in great detail the practical side of the creative work of the handicraft master – her work techniques, items, patterns and colours, their meanings and usage. The author is clearly both an artist and a handicraft specialist and this is what makes this book through, valuable and extremely unique.”

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