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The Publishing House Varrak was founded in 1991 and by now it is one of the largest publishing houses in Estonia. Varrak has published a wide variety of books in different genres, the subjects range from history, philosophy and sociology to literary fiction, science fiction, popular fiction and childrens’ literature.

Varrak publishes over 200 titles per year and among the authors published are such names as G. Duby, C. Ginzburg, T. Todorov, P. Ackroyd, D. Lessing, A. Camus, J.-P. Sartre, S. Rushdie, B. Easton Ellis, H. Kissinger, J. K. Rowling, T. Pratchett, F. Kafka, J. Steinbeck, J. Joyce, A. Camus, J.L. Borges and many others.
In addition to translated works Varrak has published a number of books by Estonian authors including Jaan Kaplinski and Andrus Kivirähk.